Will My Policy Premium Stay the Same Every Year?

Because so many things can change in a year, it’s important to review your policy annually to determine which, if any, changes you need to make in coverage. These are some of the things that can affect your policy premiums from year to year. Claims The unfortunate reality is that insurance is a business of […]

6 Tips To Avoid Driving Distractions & Focus On The Road

Health ailments aren’t the only thing claiming lives. Studies have revealed that road-related deaths are becoming so common that they’ve reached epidemic levels. According to research, approximately 9 Americans die each day from automobile accidents. In 2016, there were more than 40,000 road deaths, and the time frame between 2014 and 2015 represented the largest […]

How Does No Fault Auto Insurance Work?

The term “no-fault” when it comes to auto insurance has been somewhat misused and abused over the years. The important thing to understand is that there are only 16 states (plus Puerto Rico) that have no-fault auto insurance laws. If you do not live in Puerto Rico or one of the following states, no-fault insurance […]

Summer Vacation Road Trip Preparation Tips

A recent AAA telephone study revealed that nearly 80 percent of U.S. families (among those participating in the survey) are planning road trips this summer, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. This is an increase of more than 10 percent from the summer of 2017 despite higher gas prices. What it means for you, is that […]

What New College Graduates Need to Know About Insurance

You’ve just graduated college and the world is at your feet. Before you go out into the world, it’s important to learn a few key facts about insurance and your need for it. This guide will walk you through three of the most common types of insurance you’re likely to need: Health Insurance Renters Insurance Auto […]

Tire Blow Out: What do I do now?

By Nikki Allegretti A not so funny story happened when I was on my way home from my job at Otterstedt Insurance Agency. My tire exploded on Interstate 80. I didn’t feel it, I didn’t hear it, and I didn’t know what to do. I panicked when a truck driver signaled me to pull over because […]

Winter Driving Safety Tips

Driving in severe weather conditions can be both dangerous and frightening. When heading out in harsh weather, you need to be prepared so you can effectively and safely handle winter road emergencies. AAA advises drivers to stay cautious when you’re driving in severe winter weather. Even an experienced driver can find it challenging to drive […]

Should I File a Car Insurance Claim?

Most of the time, if you have a car accident, you should file an insurance claim to help pay for the costs of repairs. There are some occasions, though, when it might not be in your best interest to file a claim with your insurer, like those mentioned below. The Damages in a Single Car […]

What Does No Fault Insurance Mean in New Jersey?

As you most likely know, auto insurance is required in the state of New Jersey.  Something that is somewhat different in New Jersey when compared to other states in the country is the existence of no-fault auto insurance laws. While the name implies that there is no fault assigned in auto accidents, this isn’t actually […]

Can I Have My Personal Auto Policy Added to My Business Policy?

Getting the right kind of auto insurance coverage to meet your needs, whether you’re insuring a business or personal vehicle can be a bit tricky. When you use the same vehicle for personal and professional purposes, though, it becomes trickier still – with many people wondering if they can add their personal vehicles to their […]

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