Stay on Top of Your Tire Pressure This Winter

Posted on Dec 06, 2023

The weather outside is getting frightful. You’re driving, and then that dreaded orange-yellow exclamation point pops up.

Flat Car Tire

Yup, winter is here.

Cold weather is notorious for causing drops in tire pressure. This is because the cold temperature causes gas molecules in your tires to move slower, thus taking up less space.

Driving with low tire pressure can be extremely dangerous. It can lead to hazards such as:

  • Flat Tire
  • Tire Blowout
  • Decreased traction
  • Decrease in your car’s responsiveness
  • Worse handling
  • Trim damage

Here’s What You Can Do To Prepare Your Tires For The Cold Weather

Make sure that you know what your tire PSI is. If you’re not sure, your car’s owner’s manual will tell you.

Check all 4 tires’ PSI with a tire pressure gauge monthly. You can buy a tire pressure gauge at any hardware or auto store.

If your tire pressure is low, make sure you know where the nearest gas station with an air pump is. A lot of newer gas stations have pumps that measure your psi.

If your gas station has an older pump, unless it’s an emergency, wait a couple of hours after driving to fill your tires for the most accurate reading. Always have a spare tire or tire patch kit ready, just in case.

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