How Dash and Security Cameras Can Help Defend You in a Lawsuit

Posted on Jun 26, 2020
How Dash and Security Cameras Can Help Defend You in a Lawsuit

When it comes to personal injury or property damage lawsuits, video recordings may be used in many types of cases, such as vehicle accidents, home thefts, personal injuries, and more. Depending on the location of the video recording device, footage of the incident can go a long way toward defending you or your business if a claim has been made against you.

What Is a Dash Cam?

Dash cams are small video cameras you mount to your vehicle’s windshield or dashboard. Many cameras record what’s transpiring in front of your car. But, your vehicle usually has to be in gear for them to record. However, according to Consumer Reports, more advanced models also have the ability to:

  • Record interior video and audio
  • Display on your rearview mirror
  • Provide rear-facing video
  • Stream to the Internet

What Is a Security Camera?

A security camera provides surveillance either inside or outside your home or business. It can be a standalone device or part of a security network. Security cameras can help police fight crime, combat porch pirates, and be used as a defense in insurance litigation.

How a Dash Cam and Home Security Camera Can Protect You From an Insurance Lawsuit

Dash cams and security camera equipment could help protect you in various ways if you are sued.

Dash Cams

Many people purchase in-vehicle cameras to help support their driving. For example, they might buy a side-view or back-up camera to see what’s occurring in their blind spots. They’re hoping the video will help prevent them from getting into an accident. 

But, individuals and businesses are also purchasing dashboard cameras because they know the video footage can play if they wind up having to file an accident claim or defend one. The camera’s footage might end up being an invaluable asset in certain situations such as:

1. Identifying Hit-and-Run Drivers

When you’re in an accident, and then the other driver leaves the scene, you end up having to deal with the repercussions by yourself until another person can identify the other individual who was involved — this isn’t guaranteed to occur either. Without the other party’s auto insurance and contact information, you may end up having to file your claim with your insurance provider while the other involved party seemingly gets away with it.

If you’ve installed a dash cam though, it might be able to capture the other vehicle and driver on video as they hurry off leaving or at the scene of the accident. Even if the video captures just a little bit of the data, such as the type or color of the vehicle, it will provide law officials with a greater chance of tracking the offender down.

2. Having First-Hand, Clear Evidence

Another great benefit of using a dash cam is that it captures the actual footage of the accident and the circumstances and situation leading up to it. The quality of the captured data on video will vary in resolution and scope, depending on the camera’s model you’re using. However, video footage from any dash cam will provide beneficial evidence in most cases.

3. Having the Accident on Record

When it comes to an accident, drivers frequently have different descriptions and memories of what happened. When you have video footage, and it shows you weren’t the driver at fault for the accident, it can save you from being found as the driver at fault, which could increase your auto insurance rate.

The footage from the dash cam can also help to expedite the claim, preventing you from having to have a drawn-out discussion with the insurance company about the driver at fault.

Security Cameras

Liability insurance helps protect your personal or business assets if you are sued. However, you’ll still likely want to avoid the headache of a claim. Even if avoiding a claim isn’t possible, it’s best to handle it as quickly as possible. A security camera can help you do that. Here’s how:

1. They Show Exactly What Happened

While, in some instances, injury claims aren’t fabricated, it can still be tricky getting all the facts. For example, if a spill occurs in your business, you can’t be expected to immediately have a mop in hand the second the spill occurs. However, the longer you allow the spill to sit there, the more potential you have of facing an insurance lawsuit.

But, if your security cameras show footage that there was a customer who made the spill and right behind them, another customer ended up slipping seconds later; it could save you from being branded as negligent.

If someone vandalizes your home or a driver plows into your fence with their car, video doorbells and home security cameras can help. They can also help with package theft (this doesn’t necessarily lead to an insurance lawsuit, but you can still see the benefit of having one installed).

2. They Help Prevent False Claims

Some people might fabricate a personal injury claim. For example, you could have a shady neighbor come over to visit, and when you walk into another room, they could spill their coffee on the floor on purpose and pretend to slip and fall.

You could quickly end up with a lawsuit on your hands with no proof. But, if you have a camera installed, you’ll be able to clearly show it wasn’t an accident.

3. They Work as a Deterrent

If you’re a property owner or landlord, having security cameras clearly visible outside your premises could help prevent muggings and burglaries on your property. You might not always be liable for a crime on your premises, but if you don’t take sufficient steps to ensure the safety of tenants or visitors and prevent potential crimes, you might be found liable. Installing security cameras around the outside of your premises helps decrease the risk of being involved in a lawsuit.

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