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Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance

Your homeowners policy doesn’t cover flood damage, but Otterstedt can.

Floods and flash floods happen in all 50 states. Even homes in moderate-to-low risk communities get floods. Most homeowners’ policies don’t cover flooding, either. That’s why it is important to protect yourself from flood damage resulting from hurricanes, heavy rains and other conditions.

Otterstedt offers flood protection for any type of home or rental. Whether you live in a one or two-family home, condo, co-op or townhouse, we can help get you and your family covered. We also offer policies for renters and special coverages related to condos. Your Otterstedt representative can help you work out the details to make sure you’re protected in the event of a flood.

If you own a property in a flood plain and have a mortgage, it’s required. The good news is that homes and businesses located in communities that participate in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) are eligible for policies with rates set through the federal government. It’s the same price through every carrier, so ask your representative.

Don’t wait until you’re at risk or you might find yourself without flood insurance. It takes 30 days for policies to take effect, so don’t wait until the floodwaters start to rise.

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