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Nonprofit Liability Insurance

Red Heart

Your dollars do so much for the communities and people in need, insuring your exposures are equal in importance as facilitating your mission statement.  Exposure identification and coverage evaluation are key components to a full scope insurance program.

Nonprofit Agencies and Groups We Cover

Otterstedt Insurance Agency offers special insurance protection to a wide range of nonprofit agencies and organizations, including:

  • Alumni associations
  • Educational foundations
  • Music, Art and Cultural organizations
  • Parent-teacher organizations
  • Charitable foundations
  • Mental health organizations and facilities
  • Professional organizations
  • Shelters (for homeless people, elderly, abuse victims, teens, domestic violence survivors, and more)
  • Counseling centers

At Otterstedt Insurance Agency, we understand how important your cause is to you. We want to make sure you’re able to continue your good work by helping to protect your organization with the right type of insurance and the appropriate levels of protection.

Types of Nonprofit Insurance Otterstedt Offers

Nonprofit organizations and businesses have similar needs when it comes to insurance. These needs include a few basics, such as:

  • Building and property insurance (including equipment breakdown)
  • General liability insurance
  • Umbrella liability coverage
  • Automobile insurance (including owned, non-owned, and hired autos)
  • Crime insurance
  • Directors and officers liability protection
  • Professional liability insurance
  • Data breach or cyber liability insurance
  • Employment practices liability insurance
  • Employee benefits liability
  • Workers’ compensation coverage for employees

Then, of course, there are special considerations when it comes to insurance for a nonprofit organization, such as:

  • Active assailant
  • Social service professional
  • Educator professional
  • Crisis response
  • Students blanket accident
  • Volunteer blanket accident
  • Employees and volunteers as insureds under auto coverage
  • Fundraising event coverage including liquor when required
  • Abuse and molestation coverage
  • Money and securities coverage
  • Computer fraud coverage

Each nonprofit, much like each business, is unique and you will have specific insurance protection needs other organizations may not share.

Insurance Endorsements for Added Protection

Because there are so many differences from one non-profit organization to the next, Otterstedt offers a wide range of endorsements you can purchase to supplement your standard policy, including:

  • Business travel accident benefits
  • Donation assurance
  • Emergency real estate consulting fee
  • Identity theft expense
  • Image restoration and counseling
  • Terrorism travel reimbursement
  • Key individual replacement expenses
  • Fundraising event blackout
  • Workplace violence counseling
  • Temporary meeting space reimbursement
  • Travel delay reimbursement

Working with a reputable insurance agent can help you understand which endorsements, offer the greatest protection for your nonprofit organization.

Why Trust Otterstedt Insurance Agency with Your Nonprofit Insurance Needs?

Otterstedt has been helping people, businesses, and nonprofit organizations throughout the tri-state area for 100 years. During that time, we’ve cultivated a reputation for caring about the people and businesses we insure.

Make sure you are properly protected. Contact Otterstedt Insurance Agency today by calling 201-227-1800 to learn more about the insurance options we offer for nonprofit organizations throughout New Jersey and surrounding areas.

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