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Restaurant Insurance

Restaurant Insurance

Discover the service-oriented insurance option for the restaurant industry.

You work hard to satisfy the needs of your patrons every day. Your success depends on the service you provide as well as the quality of food you prepare.

At Otterstedt Insurance, we understand the strenuous demands of your industry. Here, you’ll find trusted advisors whose all-hours dedication and commitment to service-satisfaction matches your own. For over 50 years, Otterstedt has specialized in providing insurance that satisfies the unique needs of the restaurant industry. That’s why making a reservation to meet with one of our trusted advisors is one of the smartest things you can do for your business.

Our seasoned advisors are attuned to the intricacies of the food service business and the unique challenges that face restaurants when it comes to insurance. Our experience working with the area’s finest establishments and our relationships with some of the best insurance providers in this category enable us to do what few other insurance brokers can.

We provide consistently competitive rates, industry-specific coverage packages, speedy claim service and financial capacity that get things done. Beyond that, Otterstedt offers a menu of options that includes commercial auto insurance and business life insurance as well as human resource services – for single-source convenience and efficiency.

Otterstedt’s uncommon service commitment can provide value in unexpected ways.

  • We help analyze and assess hazards
  • We assist during safety inspections
  • We train your staff in safe food handling procedures
  • We conduct alcohol server training
  • We help facilitate compliance with regulations, including OSHA

In the ultra-competitive restaurant business, it pays to work with an insurance advisor who understands your needs, shares your service ethic and can help you reach your goals. Email us for an in-person assessment of your restaurant’s insurance needs.

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