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What clients are saying about us

Just wanted to let Tracy’s managers know how fortunate they are to have such an outstanding employee. I recently lost my brother and required assistance in cancelling his Homeowner’s and Fire Insurance, and Tracy made the process very painless and easy.

Her knowledge, efficiency and professional manner is such an asset to your organization and will only enhance future success for your company. It is very obvious that her work ethic is rooted with high standards which, in this day and age, is hard to come by. You are very lucky to have such a dedicated lady within your operation.
Gail P.

“Eileen – you’re the BEST!!!  Thanks so much for turning everything around so quickly!!  I appreciate your assistance very much.”
Anna G.

“Ladies, My friend Renee A. wanted me to email you to express her thanks for all your help in processing her Son Alan’s claim.  At first the claim was denied because the adjuster did not realize insured had coverage for water damage.  Thanks to Eileen and Megan it was determined there was coverage on the policy and at least he will receive some compensation.    Evidently the adjuster read the form wrong. – Renee is still dealing with her own terrible loss and asked me to convey her thanks to all.”

“Thanks Eileen! You are unbelievable! Always appreciate your fast responses. No one is quicker or better!!!  Hope all is going well with you.
Really appreciate it.”

“Good Morning Tamika, Thank very much for your time and help with this, it has been a long time since I have found someone in the insurance Industry that I could say that to. As a Vietnam Veteran who has served his country in honor there were times of lost faith, you have returned a little of that back to me. As to the idea that you were able to save me money at a time when everyone or entity wants more. I had been with Richard Sholtz Agency for over 20 years prior to him selling and 15 after and that’s how it was with him and was lost for quite some time until now. So I don’t know how they reward you at Otterstedt but hope they know what they have in you. It was a pleasure and hope to speak with you soon on the tenant Insurance as it is something I need have not addressed. Attached are the requested document signed and voided check please let me know you have received this and that we are OK.”
Robert R.

“Dear Mr. Parisi, Just a line to tell you that my agent, Carla, has done an excellent job for me arranging my car insurance with Mercury and my homeowners with Travelers. I have had my two insurance policies with your company for many years and I know I am well protected.”
Thank you,
Ann A.

“Hello Tamika, I want to thank you for all your help. I’m glad there’s still people like you that are willing to go the extra mile to help someone. I have lived through the past 10 months (since my husband went to heaven) in rough seas and keep trying to stay above water. You never understand a person’s troubles until you have to face it yourself. You have helped me a lot because every penny helps me these days. I appreciate everything you did.”
Thank you,
Jo-Ann R.

“Hi Eileen, Just a note to let you know how much we [Rosalie & I] appreciate all the care and work you do for our insurance needs.  You are a great professional and a wonderful lady.   It is comforting to know you are looking out for our best interest and are always there to support our needs and concerns.  Please give my best to Phil and Richard the next time you talk with them.”
Thank you again for all you do.
Al A.

“I wanted to send you a brief note to rave about the services provided by Luisa. I am Rob S’s assistant and have worked with Luisa for almost 3 years now. She is kind, efficient, dedicated AND extremely patient. She stays on top of everything that needs to get done. She’s a joy to work with and she makes my job a lot easier!”
Kind Regards,
Wanda B

“I usually don’t write to companies about their employees but I wanted to let you know that one of your employees, Julie, was incredibly helpful to me last week. I had a problem that Julie explained to me and in a most friendly and efficient manner, took care of so that all is fine now. I know that my employer uses Otterstedt; in fact, that’s the reason I switched years ago. I just had to let you know that Julie does a great job for Otterstedt and while I rarely write a letter like this, I was so impressed with Julie that I had to let you know. I’m sure you know how valuable she is to your organization.”
Best regards,
Donna P.

“As long standing clients of Otterstedt, we would like to take this opportunity of praising one of your most energetic and caring executives, Eileen H. Eileen has taken excellent care of all our insurance needs and has made us exceedingly pleased with the way she has save us money on our various policies. She found errors made by others and this has saved us money which of course makes the customer happy. Eileen never fails to greet me warmly and I see how she helps other employees in the Teaneck Office.”
Felice P.

“Your claim service is quick, prompt and professional.
Raffi K.

“You don’t know how good your insurance coverage is until you have a claim. I was extremely satisfied.
Anthony G.

“The service of both Otterstedt and Harleysville Insurance Company was excellent and could not be improved upon.
Max G.

“I was ready to switch the policy to another company but since this claim went so well and I thought the settlement was very fair and I staying where I am.
Virginia L.

“Florence did an outstanding job in the early stages of our loss. She provided not only valuable information regarding the claims process but comforting words as well.
Jane F.

“I moved our auto/homeowners insurance portfolio to Otterstedt last year. Leading a service organization like yourself, we both know that getting the product right is imperative, but it’s the service that makes all the difference, and sets the foundation for Clients for Life. I just want to share with you that the spirit, passion and follow-up of Kelly has proven exemplary, not just from the initial sell, but with all interactions throughout the year. She is truly a pleasure to work with and has been the impetus for us to add our life insurance as well with your organization. That’s what excellence is all about.”
Best regards,
Mark M.

“As always, the service was second to none. Thanks, Jule.”
Gerald S.

“Dear Eileen, I really want to commend you for the wonderful way in which my recent casualty claim was handled by you and Ace, the insurance company which covered my home. Not only was the claim paid in fully and promptly, but when disaster struck they were quick to respond to the emergency. They immediately sent in a remediation company to take prompt action so as to minimize the damage, which of course was to everyone’s benefit. Most of all they assisted us and made the project quick and easy for me. As you know my Son who is living in L.A., recently had a leak which caused major damage to his house. His claim process, in marked contrast to my own experience, has been a nightmare.”
Thanks to You,
Martin F.

“You are the best!  I really do appreciate you emailing copies of various documents to me.  It is a tremendous help and allows me to complete things in real-time, while I’m working…instead of having to sit down when I finally get home and you’re not in your office! Thanks again!”
Michael B.

“Eileen H. at the agency is a terrific rep! Doing a great job and always helpful to me just FYI.”
Vincent P.

“Did I mention what a lovely experience it is working with you?…thank you!”

Marc D.

“Thank you for everything Tracy. You always provide great service!”
Bernadette F.

“Thank you so much for all the help you provided. You exceeded your service!”
Evelyn G.

“Hey Joe! Again your staff  is the greatest! I was able to get a new Car Insurance policy and I am saving $200.00 a year! You guys are awesome!”

Dave F.

“Hi Mike! It has been awhile since we last spoke—hope all is well with you and your family.

I thought I would write you a short note to let you know how pleased I continue to be with our relationship with Otterstedt and the people at your firm who we work with throughout the year.

We received particularly excellent service from our new rep Mike Cronin. Working closely with the carrier Mike restructured the coverage for our firm—KULPER & COMPANY. We now have optimal coverage at an affordable price as a result of his hard work.

In addition, as we acquired new vehicles/traded in our old ones as well as tweaked our homeowners and personal umbrella policies – Dolores Vicari has done a consistently great job for us in making sure all our coverage is correctly in place in a timely manner for our auto and homeowner needs.

I could go on —really, everyone we deal with at your agency is a please to work with, Mike.
Because our business friendship goes back a long way—to founding of our firm—15 years ago this year, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you and your associates for the work they have done over the years to help us with our insurance needs. Our attorney and good personal friend, Frank A. recommended Otterstedt to us back in 1997; it was a great referral that has been very helpful to us over the years.

Wishing you all the best and continued success.Warm regards,”
Keith K.

“Dear Tracy, Thank you so much for all your help in my insurance needs. Also, I would like to thank you for your kindness and understanding when my mother passed away. You had made the transition in insurance very smooth. It could have been daunting having four executors on estate.”
Susan M.

“Dear Mr. Parisi, As a small business owner in Bergen County, these past few years have been tough, taking into consideration not only the turbulent economic climate we have working in but needing to maintain the right coverage to remain in business. With 2011 behind us, we are ready to take on 2012 with renewed energy and focus.

Over the past couple years we have been working closely with Ms. Vianset Morel, Account Executive in the Englewood Cliffs branch who handles our auto and liability insurances and, more recently, with Ms. Lisa Favata, Benefits Manager from the Summit Branch for our small group health insurance coverage. Both these ladies not only demonstrate a keen knowledge of the insurance policies we carry but go above and beyond to ensure we have the right coverage and are always very helpful with any questions or issues we encounter.

I wanted to recognize these two employees who have been tremendous help in assisting me to continue building upon my company’s twenty-three years of past success and are truly a credit to your firm.”
Many thanks,
Francis V.

“Bill, I wanted to send you an email and thank you for referring Anthony Sorrentino and the Otterstedt Agency to us to get a receiver’s bond for one of our clients. As you know, the receivers were new and really didn’t know how to go about getting the bond. Honestly, neither did I.
I contacted Anthony who promptly returned my calls and/or emails.  Anthony moved the receiver application along quickly and efficiently.  He walked me through the process, kept me informed and reminded me to be patient. Bryan became involved towards the end and was as nice and efficient as Anthony.
I wanted to let you know about my experience, since we are always quick to fault, but slower to praise.  Both these gentlemen deserve thanks and praise.  We will keep their information on file and should the need arise again, I will refer business to them.”
Marjorie H.

“Tracy, I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done for us. You have been wonderful to work with. Best wishes to you.”
Robyn M.

“Dear Tracy, I would like to take a moment to thank you so very much for all your help with my insurance needs over the last five (5) years while I was in Hillsdale, NJ.  I could always depend on you to resolve any issue quickly and accurately!  Seems that too often my experience with other enterprises is just the opposite!  You were always so pleasant and positive in our conversations and communications.  Best wishes to you in all your future endeavors.  And thank you again, so much, for all you time and help.”
Frank K.

“Please express my gratitude to Dolores for a great job she did in evaluating my auto insurance policy. That kind of service is why I have been a long time customer of your agency, John.”
John K.

“I just wanted to take a moment to send both of you a quick email regarding one of your employees whom I feel goes above and beyond when it comes to great customer service.

All my dealings with Eileen Harold have been fantastic. She is a very friendly, polite and caring customer service person, whom I feel goes that extra mile always when I have a question or concern. I always get treated like A #1 and in today’s society we don’t get that every day. I even get reminders if I have missed an installment payment on my policies. In no way did she solicit for this praise. I asked her for contacts that I could send this to letting them know what a great person and surely a valuable employee she must be to the Otterstedt Agency.

I being in the customer service field myself know how rewarding it can be when someone makes an observation on how I too take the same measures that Eileen does and just thought it might be something you would enjoy reading about your staff. The only request I have is PLEASE don’t change whom handles my accounts. I’d be lost without her.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this. It really was something I wanted to get out there. Have a great day!
Ross B.

“I wanted to write to you commending your account executive, Tracy Raimondi. Tracy has been beyond helpful over the years. Tracy was recommended to us by my parents, Eric and Barbara Wunschel, years ago. Since then, Tracy has assisted us with car insurance, renter’s insurance, umbrella coverage, and most recently homeowner’s insurance. Tracy has always responded promptly, paid attention to detail; and met every deadline, with time to spare. Thanks to Tracy, we can rest easy knowing that we have not only the best coverage, but also the best price.

“My husband and I truly appreciate all that Tracy has done for us and believe she deserves to be commended for a job well done.
Lauren R.

“Tina: You are the epitome of what “Customer Service” is all about. Thank you for all you do for us!”
Joe & Liz C.

“Lisa Favata and Linda Stazzone are the best! Always extremely responsive and knowledgeable about health insurance for our small business. I would highly recommend them.”
Kathie N.

“Otterstedt Insurance Agency is one of the best in the country. They give excellent service to their customers. The staff are polite, respectful and well trained in their communication skills.”
Joseph K.

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