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Otterstedt offers a variety of ways to pay your bill. Please find below a listing of our carriers’ phone numbers and website addresses. If you pay Otterstedt directly for your insurance, please contact our office at 201-227-1800 and speak to either our Accounting Department or your Account Executive. If you are billed directly by your insurance company, please contact them by phone or visit their website. We are always available to assist you with any questions, concerns, or changes.

Carrier: Phone Number: Web Site:
AIG Company  1-800-645-2259 Personal
Allianz/Firemans Fund  1-800-882-6919 Commercial
Andover Ins Company  1-800-225-0770 Commercial
C.N.A. Ins Company  1-877-276-7507 Commercial
Chubb  1-800-682-4822 Personal
Chubb Ins Company  1-800-37-Chubb Commercial
Delos Ins Company  1-888-654-3100 Commercial no website
Encompass  1-866-430-2916 Personal
Farmers Mutual of Salem  1-800-498-0954 Commercial
Firemans Fund  1-800-261-9497 Personal
FMI  1-800-336-3642 Personal
FMI Ins Company  1-800-842-0551 Commercial
Great American Ins Co  1-800-847-4357 Commercial
Guard Ins Company  1-800-673-2465 Commercial
Hanover  1-800-573-1187 Personal
Hanover Ins Company  1-800-922-8427 Commercial
Harleysville  1-866-665-4992 Personal
Harleysville Ins Company  1-866-665-4992 Commercial
Hartford Ins. Company  1-800-962-6170 Commercial
KB Insurance Company, Ltd.  1-201-720-2100 Commercial
NJ Skylands Insurance  1-866-279-7688 Commercial
One Beacon Ins Company  1-877-434-3900 Commercial
Palisades Ins Company  1-877-COM.Only opt 4 Commercial
Peerless Ins Company  1-800-218-1340 Commercial
Philadelphia Ins Co  1-877-438-7459 Commercial
Plymouth Rock Assurance 1-800-696-2858 Personal
Plymouth Rock Assurance 1-800-696-2858 Commercial
Progressive  1-800-876-5581 Personal
Selective  1-888-974-7400 Personal
Selective Ins Company  1-800-777-9656 x 2100 Commercial
Tower Group Companies  1-800-441-3369 Commercial
Travelers  1-877-872-8651 Personal
Travelers Ins Company  1-800-252-2268 Commercial
Zurich Ins Company  1-800-800-3907 Commercial

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