What Type of Insurance Do You Need As a Pool Service Company

Posted on Jul 26, 2019
What Type of Insurance Do You Need As a Pool Service Company

As a pool service company, you provide a wide range of services to enhance the outdoor livings for the families you serve.

For this reason, you need to make sure you choose insurance coverage that offers sufficient protection for all the jobs you do.

Jobs that may include any or all of the following:

  • Clean filters
  • Skim pools for bugs and debris
  • Handle chemicals
  • Test pool water for chemical balance
  • Repair pumps and motors
  • Service pool heaters
  • Check for and repair leaks
  • Opening pools for summer
  • Winterizing pools
  • Pressure washing pools and surrounding areas
  • Renovating pools (with the addition of lights, slides, steps, diving boards, and more)

That’s just on an average day.

The truth is that your pool service company may be called upon to do any wide number of jobs for the pools your business services. Because you wear so many hats and face so many risks in the daily operation of your business, you need a lot more than standard business owner’s insurance coverage.

These are just a few of the types of insurance your pool service company may require.

Business Liability Insurance (General Liability for Businesses)

This insurance offers basic liability protection if someone is injured on your business property, such as slip and all accidents.  This type of pool cleaning insurance also protects your business if someone’s property is damaged while on your business’s property.

For instance, if your sign falls on a customer’s vehicle during a storm, that damage would be protected by your business liability insurance.

General business liability not only covers damages awarded, up to the policy limits but also helps cover legal fees defending your business against liability claims.

Building and Property Insurance

Provides protection for damage to the physical building where your business is located (or operates out of) along with coverage for business inventory (such as chemicals), tools, equipment, and supplies.

Employee Dishonesty Insurance

Protects your business from liabilities related to dishonest employees. For instance, if your pool maintenance staff robs your clients, your business is protected from their misdeeds.

Glass Breakage Insurance

Breaking class in and around pools and spas can be costly to repair. This coverage helps cover some of those costs if your staff breaks glass near a customer’s pool.

Tools and Equipment Insurance

Tools and equipment are essential for your pool service business. Not only that, they are expensive. This insurance protection helps cover lost, damaged, stolen, or destroyed tools and equipment so you can get back to work as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Business Owner’s Policy

Standard policy for business owners that provides a combination of business property protection, general business liability insurance, and business interruption coverage.

Umbrella Insurance

Catch all insurance policy that provides protection for businesses that goes beyond the limits of a standard liability policy. 

Workers Compensation Insurance 

Helps businesses pay for employee injuries and illnesses that occur while employees are on the job.

Whether they fall and hit their heads on the diving board while cleaning a pool or inhale the wrong chemicals, these injuries and illnesses, medical expenses related to them, and compensation for lost work are covered by WCI.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Because so much of your business involves moving people, equipment, tools, and chemicals from one job site to the next, commercial auto insurance is essential protection for your pool service business.

Make sure your auto policy provides sufficient liability protection for your tools, equipment, chemicals, and environmental impact chemical spills might create. This is one important way to protect businesses, like pool service companies, that are largely mobile in nature.

Hired or Unowned Vehicle Insurance

If employees occasionally use their personal vehicles for work-related tasks and assignments, this coverage offers your business protection when accidents occur while employees are operating on behalf of the business.

If the driver’s personal liability protection is insufficient to meet the judgment against them in an accident, victims may choose to sue your business. This insurance protects you from those legal fees and can help pay judgments made against your organization.

Inland Marine Coverage

Refers to insurance that protects equipment and supplies being transported over land for your business. This can be in relation to supplies being shipped to you for your business needs or supplies in transport to job sites.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance

If your cleaning and maintenance equipment breaks down, it can leave your pool servicing business a bit in the lurch unless you have this coverage that helps cover the costs of repairs.

Data Breach Insurance

Modern businesses rely on the Internet more and more often for managing client accounts, scheduling employees, handling financial transactions, and more. You are also responsible for securing that information about your customers and employees.

When data breaches occur, leaving that information vulnerable, data breach insurance helps businesses pick up the pieces and get back to work.

Work with Otterstedt Insurance Agency for Your Pool Service Company Insurance Needs

These are just a small, but fairly comprehensive sampling of the types of insurance your pool service company might need in order to have adequate protection.

Work with an independent insurance agency, like Otterstedt Insurance Agency for unbiased guidance on the types of insurance to best meet your needs.

Contact us today for your pool service company insurance. 201-227-1800.

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