Does Insurance Cover Damage From Wind Related Weather?

Posted on Nov 05, 2021
Does Insurance Cover Damage From Wind Related Weather

Obviously living in areas frequented by strong winds and storms such as tornadoes, hurricanes, and blizzards requires an understanding of wind-related coverages, but with the changing weather patterns, everyone may be susceptible to a wind loss

Insurance Coverage Explained 

Most commercial and personal policies have a general provision for damage caused by windstorms and hailstorms. The peril of wind is included as a covered loss up to the limits insured for your property coverages.  

However, the insurance policy may not cover all types of wind damage, especially those caused by heavier storms such as hurricanes. In areas prone to severe weather, lower coverage sub-limits for wind with a combination of a higher deductible may apply.

Although most standard property coverages include coverage for the replacement of the roof, there are some carriers that are restricting roof coverage, either by using a lesser value for replacement based on age and condition or by using a stated sub-limit that may or may not be adequate to your needs. And for some areas, the peril of wind is absolutely excluded requiring the purchase of an excess wind policy at a higher premium.

Percentage Deductibles in Windstorm Insurance

A flat deductible is a stated amount of money the client absorbs when the claim is adjusted. Deductibles are taken off of the final amount an insurance company pays versus retentions that must be paid 1st by the policy holder, and then the carriers remits the balance.  

In some policies, the deductibles may be a percentage of the value of the property. For example, if your property is worth $700,000 and the percentage deductible is 4%, you’ll need to absorb $28,000 in damage costs before the coverage activates.  

How To Protect Your Property From Windstorm Damages

Some useful tips on protecting your property from such destruction include:

  • Inspect your roof regularly.  Suppose your business building or other property is located in windy regions or areas that regularly receive windstorms. In that case, you should routinely inspect your roof for any possible damage and weak points. Minor damage becomes weak links when stronger storms hit. Therefore, ensure that such damages are fixed well in advance to avoid huge losses in the future.
  • Study the weather forecast. You may want to stay updated on the weather forecast in stormy areas to find out how to secure your valuables. For example, if you have outdoor equipment, consider moving it to a safer place or securing them in a safe spot before a storm. Otherwise, you may risk losing part or the whole equipment when the storm strikes. 
  • Secure your windows. During a windstorm, shattered glass windows can cause injuries to individuals in and out of the building. To avoid such damage, consider installing impact-resistant windows. Such windows won’t shatter into multiple pieces during a storm. 
  • Have an emergency plan. An emergency plan prepares you and anyone else in the building for a storm. Ensure that your property has an easy-to-access storm shelter or a safe room to hide and that your employees have storm safety training. 

What If My Tree Damages My Neighbor’s Property During a Windstorm?

Suppose the wind damage also affects your neighbor’s property during the storm; for example, a broken tree branch from your tree crashes your fence and the neighbor’s car. In that case, you may wonder whose insurance company should be responsible for the damage caused to the neighbor’s car. 

Such cases are very common, although many homeowners never know what to do next. Typically, your neighbor’s insurance will be responsible for repairing the damage caused to their property. However, if the breaking of a tree was partly due to your negligence, you can be held liable for the damage caused. It’s your responsibility to keep the tree healthy and well-maintained to avoid such accidents from occurring. 

Does Auto Insurance Cover Wind Damage?

Auto insurance can insure a car owner from financial loss due to wind-related accidents. However, to have coverage extend to wind, you will need to purchase comprehensive perils coverage and buy extended glass coverage too. 

Bottom Line 

The bottom line is that both commercial and personal insurance for properties may include coverage for wind-related damages. However, the scope of coverage may differ depending on the type of property covered, risks involved, cost of insurance, and much more. 

Therefore, it’s essential to understand all the policy details regarding wind-related damages, whether you need a cover for your home, car, or business premises.  Otterstedt Insurance Agency can help. Give us a call at 201-227-1800

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