5 Barbecue Safety Tips

Posted on Jun 30, 2023

Fourth of July weekend is here! Time for a weekend of sunshine, celebration, time in the pool or shore, and of course, lighting up the grill! While cooking on the grill is an integral part of Independence Day festivities, and accidents can always happen.

Did you know, according to the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), that July is the peak month out of the year for grilling accidents at 16%? Before you dive into cooking some delicious burgers or hot dogs for your family and friends, here are some protocols you should be sure to follow before firing up that grill.

Only Use Your Grill Outside and Away From The House

This one is straightforward. You should only be using your grill outside. Not only that, but you should try to keep your grill in a safe, designated area away from your house.

Check Your Grill For Any Leaks

Before you start firing up your grill, always check to make sure there aren’t any leaks. Whether you have a gas line running to your grill or if you’re using propane, always be thorough with your check.

Don’t Leave Your Grill Unattended

A general rule of thumb: Never leave your grill unattended. Since a grill uses open fire and high heat, it’s a huge safety hazard when left unattended. Anytime you need to leave the grill, make sure you have a friend that can take your place for a moment.

Have a Fire Extinguisher Present

It never hurts to be prepared. In case a fire breaks out, have a fire extinguisher somewhere close by to get rid of the flame.

Always Clean Your Grill After You Use

Cleanliness is next to godliness. Or should we say safety? Any good grill master knows it’s imperative to always clean up your grill after a successful barbecue. Barbecuing causes regular grease buildup, which can increase the risk of fires. Regular grill cleaning can reduce your chances of a grill fire.

If you’re concerned about your coverage from potential house fires from barbecuing, contact us!

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